The Millenium Project


The purpose of the Millennium project is to  improve humanity’s prospects for building a better future. The mission is to improve thinking about the future and make that thinking available through a variety of media for feedback to accumulate wisdom about the future for better decisions today.  The Vision of the Millennium project is to create a global foresight network of Nodes, information, and software, building a global collective intelligence system recognized for its ability to improve prospects for humanity. A think tank on behalf of humanity, not on behalf of a government, or an issue, or an ideology, but on behalf of building a better future for all. The University of Minnesota and the Densford Center are Institutional Members of the Millenium project. Contact us for more information about accessing resources and services.

The Millenium Project

15 Global Challenges Videos

15 Ways To Participate in the Millenium Project

Global Futures Intelligence System

Environmental Scanning and Trend Analysis
Scenarios and reports
Future Organizations

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