Communities of the Future


Communities of the Future is an international network of colleagues from all walks of life who have collaborated for twenty five years to create new principles, ideas, concepts and methods that will help local communities prepare for a different kind of future that will be constantly changing and increasing interconnected, interdependent and The Center for Communities of the Future emphasizes “futures generative dialogue” of “early adapters” (people who are open to new ideas). Once new ideas are identified through the facilitation of small networks of creative thinkers, local “futures projects” are established to introduce one or more new “capacities for transformation” into the thinking and activities of local communities to see what resonates and what is inappropriate. COTF is pioneering new concepts, methods and techniques of community transformation to be used in parallel to other basic strategic planning models. The goal is to spread “capacities for transformation” throughout any organization/community in a dynamic and flexible way. It is in this way that the concepts and methods of COTF reflect the use of ecological principles of self-organization, continuous innovation and emergence. 

Communities of the Future

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